Mobility Campus Shannon is paving the way in Autonomous Vehicle Technology

Shannon is quickly becoming a global leader in ACES (Autonomous Connected Electric Shared Vehicles) technology. Future Mobility Campus Ireland plan to deliver a real-life “Future Mobility testbed facility” in the Shannon Free Zone (just behind Shannon Airport) to test this new ACES technology. The testbed is laden with a multitude of sensors with high precision location technology and is targeted at national and international technology and electric vehicle providers that need to experiment using life-like environments. 

Future Mobility has several household name partners such as Jaguar Land Rover, Enterprise Ireland and Shannon Chamber. Shannon Group is also involved in promoting this connected and autonomous vehicle testbed facility, which is no surprise given the proximity of the Shannon Free Zone to Shannon Airport.

These developments are not only limited to the ground however, as Future Mobility Ireland have also delved into advanced air mobility, focusing on UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). The aerial campus will be used for drone training and drone operations. In 2021, the Future Mobility Campus Ireland signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to be Ireland’s first cargo drone vertiport provider. It will be the first cargo vertiport on the island of Ireland.

Russell Vickers, CEO of FMI has come out and said “Ireland and this region in particular has a huge potential to shape future research and development of Advanced Aerial Mobility. This partnership demonstrates the belief in that potential. Development of a vertiport in conjunction with a UAV testing area provides a natural extension to the capabilities of the Future Mobility Campus. The ecosystem continues to grow thanks to the vision and belief of our partners.”

There is no doubt the spiraling decline in computation costs has led to these developments in autonomous vehicles. These vehicles work off of machine learning which can make it very computationally expensive for technology companies to fit models. Due in part to Moore’s Law, the cost of computation has seen a dramatic fall which leads to cutting-edge innovation in all areas of life. Here at Ocean Digital, we believe that there is a huge innovation gap between large technology providers and the average small business and we want to fill the role of solution architect to our client companies. Get in touch today to book a discovery call and start your digital transformation journey.

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